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Many people are always inspired of the economic progress of Los Angeles, California. In terms of educational background of the city, it is also interesting to know more about it. Based on the records, there are three public universities located within the city area such as California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). On the other hand, private colleges in the city include American Film Institute Conservatory, Alliant International University, American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles Campus), American Jewish University and more. Lastly, the city is home to California Institute of Technology or Caltech, which is one of the top research institutions in the world.

Hurwitz Law Group, Inc

Hurwitz Law Group has a really informative website that is necessary for those who are not familiar with legal parlance. On the homepage alone, you’ll find interesting topics such as their purpose of helping people, the necessity of a defense lawyer in California, the services that they offered, and including the questions that you should ask to a defense attorney. Basically, the decision to do this is vital in the field of legal profession since the public must know the things that might affect their liberty and rights in general. To find the best lawyer, you must know the length of his service, experiences of the case that you want him or her to handle, and also the specialization acquired as a lawyer.

Amazon Snubs LA For HQ2, But No Sour Grapes


LOS ANGELES, CA — Los Angeles, the only West Coast city to make the final cut in Amazon's casting call for a second headquarters, got some bad news Monday: Thanks, but we're going in another direction. The corporate giant confirmed plans to open multi-billion operations in two East Coast cities Tuesday. New York City and Arlington, Va. landed the part. For Los Angeles, it was always a longshot because Amazon's original hub is already on the West Coast in Seattle. The chosen locations in Queens and Crystal City, just outside of Washington, D.C, will each employ 25,000 people, and Amazon anticipates investing $5 billion in building the new headquarters. Read more here
Amazon Snubs LA for HQ2, But No Sour Grapes | Recently, there was a news about Amazon looking for places to build headquarters. The corporate giant chose Queens and Crystal City, thereby snubbing Los Angeles. As a natural reaction, it is expected that the people in Los Angeles will feel bad about what happened. However, it turned out that many individuals from Los Angeles find it alright if Amazon snubbed their city. The company just admitted that they’re choosing different areas for their upcoming operations area that is considered a multi-billion project. The reason of the sentiment of LA inhabitants is that the mass of low- and high-paying jobs that would come with an Amazon headquarters would only exacerbate Southern California's housing crisis.


Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, CA

Many people who love watching movies notice the scenes involving the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, CA. Due to its immense popularity, a lot of people dream to go there someday. Those who have set foot near it share their photos online out of excitement and happiness in going there. Basically, it is an American landmark and cultural icon overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Located in Mount Lee, it is a hugely popular attraction in Santa Monica Mountains. Originally, it was just an advertisement for a real estate project. Later on, it was left up due to its popularity among the locals and tourists.

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Hollywood Sign
Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA

Take N Vermont Canyon Rd and N Vermont Ave to Los Feliz Blvd
9 min (1.8 mi)

Take Sunset Blvd to Cassil Pl
11 min (3.1 mi)

Drive to your destination
22 s (266 ft)

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